Engage the Lombok nature and culture by planning programes with Lombok Nature.
Lombok Nature will give you more than sensory experiences but also the knowledges about Lombok island itself, especially the magnificant of Rinjani mountain. Trekking to Rinjani mountain is our speciality with more than five years experienced. The goal is to bring every single person around the world to experience the Rinjani’s natural beauty and the unique of Lombok itself.


Escape your normal day to day routine and immerse yourself into the unforgetable adventure with experts ( spoken English guides and porters ) while trekking Rinjani.
Big satisfaction, decent experiences, great services, and engage with the locals are our periority. Lombok Nature offers trekking Rinjani package, Lombok tour package, and provides car, hotels as the accommodations.
Located in Jalan Anyar-Bayan nearby Senaru, Bayan district, North Lombok Regency, Lombok island, Indonesia.
Postal code : 83354

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Website : www.lomboknature.com
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